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The coronavirus has affected everyone around the world. At RAM English we were forced to close our one-room school when the kids stopped going to public schools. So, we started skyping and having on-line lessons in early April. And as the kids were at home all day, we arranged minimum number of students per lesson. That  was better for skype technology and the students. More than 80% of our students participated. Then from June we reopened our school as the kids returned to public schools. And we reinvented the classroom. We discarded as many unnessary items as possibel and rearrnaged he tables, chairs and desk. It is now more spacious to conform to social distancing measures. We also added a monitor. The teahcer can maintian his distance more while teaching. Of course, all manner of sanitizing is employed before during and after each lesson. Check out the pictures and videos below to get an idea.